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Can You Guess How Long These Actors Had To Sit In The Make-Up Chair?

For some movies, all that an actor requires to get into role is a bit of powder, to get his or her hair did, and an outfit change – and in 5 minutes they’re done....

10 Incredibly Stupid Movie Mistakes You Just Won’t Believe

Hollywood has been long since viewed as the gold standard when it comes to making films. Heck, with what producers, directors, and especially the actors are paid – you...

Best Movies to Watch This Fall

What does a book adaptation, biographys and classic horror have in common? They are part of the fall movie preview! Here are 8 films that are must see !

What’s Your Favorite Movie Quote Of All Time?

The best movies not only have the best actors, best directors, best story, music, etc… they also have a script with lines in it so memorable, you can never forget...

The Most Stylish Celebrity Mugshots Ever

Getting your ass hauled to jail is about as bad as it gets. It’s scary, embarrassing, and usually comes at a time when you’re not at your best.